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Nothing beats our Imaging Realization Technology. We offer the world's most trusted 3-D measurement, imaging and realization instruments with proprietary software. We guarantee exact measurements using dimensional metrology.

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Hot Kiln Alignment Services

Safety and Customer Service

Hot kiln alignment servicesNAK Kiln Services is very exact and deliberate in how we complete a hot kiln alignment project. It is well worth noting that our personnel utilize a "Safety First" mindset in every step of their work. Our field crews are well trained, experienced and have the best tools and equipment needed to do everyting in a workmanlike manner.

You will find that it is easy to communicate with our crews regarding any part of the work we are doing. Our people are not only technically skilled but also very customer service oriented.

Kiln Alignment Survey

Every alignment project begins with a comprehensive kiln alignment survey. The survey is a top to bottom inspection of your system to identify weaknesses, problems and potential problems. Specifically we look at the present condition of your kiln to determine what short term and long term maintenance work needs to be completed, and let you know of any improvements that can improve your production. While any given project may require special attention for unique conditions our hot kiln alignment process is generally as follows:

Kiln Alignment Process

We provide the most accurate and complete hot kiln alignment in the industry. Our procedure consists of optimizing shell ovality, without exceeding acceptable bearing pressures or hertz pressures. We locate the kiln axis coordinates using computerized laser theodolite procedures. We provide a thorough inspection of the drive pier, a kiln shell profile analysis and a general inspection of all other key mechanical kiln components.

In addition to aligning the kiln axis, we adjust all support rollers for the proper thrust loads. NAK is the only company that includes all necessary support roller adjustments as part of the kiln alignment scope of work.

Kiln Alignment Steps

  • Locate the coordinates of the shell rotating center on all piers using laser based technology.
  • Determine the kiln axis misalignment by calculating the perpendicular intersect between the rotating center at each pier and the kiln axis.
  • Measure the shell ovality on all piers.
  • Adjust all support rollers to straighten the kiln axis. The priority is to adjust pier load distribution in a manner that optimizes shell ovality (without exceeding limits on bearing pressures and hertz pressures). We believe that we are the only company that includes bearing adjustments as part of the kiln alignment scope of work
  • Measure and lower all bearing thrust collar pressures on FLS kilns and bearing end cap pressures on Fuller and AC kilns. We believe we are the only company that measures and adjusts thrust collar pressures and end cap pressures as part of the kiln alignment scope of work
  • Adjust all bearings as necessary to align all support rollers parallel to the kiln rotating axis to within 0.005" per foot.
  • Measure the horizontal tire movement on all piers to detect and quantify the effects of dogleg conditions that may adversely affect kiln stability.
  • Determine if support roller slope changes are necessary to align the plane of a tire perpendicular to the kiln axis. This procedure eliminates high stop block pressures.
  • Make recommendations regarding the need to shim or replace tire support pads, if the shell ovalities are high due to excessive tire clearance.
  • Inspect all kiln components. Make prioritized repair recommendations to improve kiln mechanical performance.

Hot Kiln Alignment Tricks

We use high capacity hydraulic torque wrenches, with which we can make bearing adjustments with both speed and accuracy. Because of the efficiency of our experienced crews the cost of our alignment is the lowest in the industry for the given work scope. The best news for our customers is that our alignment procedures do not require kiln downtime.

Kiln Alignment Results

When we complete your hot kiln alignment your kiln will be operating with a high degree of mechanical stability. Additionally you can benefit from having a predictive maintenance tool that gives you critical information needed to plan mechanical repairs years in advance.


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