Kiln Dryer Shell Replacements

Kiln and Dryer Shell Section Installation

We offer a variety of field services for dryer shell maintenance, repair and replacement needs. We have highly trained specialists who can handle any type of dryer shell project.

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Kiln & Dryer Shell Replacements

Kiln Dryer Shell Section Replacements

Replacing shell sections is a somewhat routine task for properly trained and equipped field crews. Experienced field personnel are the key to the correct installation of a new kiln shell section and to maintaining the repair schedule. NAK Kiln Services crews are very well trained in both safety and kiln service work. All crew leaders and most crew members have many years of hands-on experience, and are backed up by expert project managers.

Our most common types of kiln shell work include:

  • Shell section replacements
  • Riding ring pads section replacement
  • Nose section replacements
  • Shell pie cuts
  • Chain replacements
  • Nose casting replacements
  • Complete shell installations

The proper removal of the existing section is critical to allow the new section to be correctly installed. Incorrectly installed shell sections will have runout and radial mismatch that can negatively affect the life of the refractory and the operations of the kiln.

Continuing to operate a kiln with a damaged shell generally results in excessive unscheduled downtime, increased refractory costs and could lead to a complete failure of the shell. There is also the potential to injure site personnel and cause collateral damage to surrounding equipment if the shell catastrophically fails. The way to avoid these issues is to replace damaged shell sections in an orderly and planned manner.


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