Kiln Lubrication

Rotary Kiln Engineering

We offer rotary kiln engineering services for the design and development of shop drawings for new kilns, custom components and parts.

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Kiln services throughout the USA

Rotary Kiln Design Services

NAK - Kiln Engineering Experts

Rotary kiln engineering and consulting services.We employ some of the industry's most talented kiln professionals, and have a large network of kiln consultants. With our available resources NAK is a leading company for even the most complex kiln engineering needs. Our services range from technical consulting and specifications development, to full scale engineering services including production ready CAD drawings.

Custom Kiln Design

We can help you whether you are building a new facility which needs a rotary kiln, or you need a replacement kiln. Our industry experience includes kilns for a wide variety of applications. We know kilns, and perhaps equally important, we understand the unique needs for particular industries. When you work with our kiln engineers you will find them to be a tremendous resource for improving your facility.

Kiln Parts Engineering

Our engineers are kiln experts, and have a wealth of industry knowledge. We can reverse engineer virtually any kiln part or component. In many instances we can design parts that exceed OEM standards. We can adjust tolerances, dimensions, refractory materials, and metallurgy composition to develop parts that meet any reasonable performance specifications.

We can provide turnkey services by utilizing our in-house capabilities to fabricate kiln parts.


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