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We offer quality kiln lubricants for high temperature applications

NAK Kiln Services provides rotary kiln trunnion lubricating sprays, solid lubrication graphite bars, and fluid lubricants for trunnion rollers.

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Rotary Kiln Lubricants

Choosing the best lubricants for your rotary kiln equipment is very important. When you have lubricants that minimize heat and friction on moving parts there are lowered chances for failures, unexpected down-time and less repair needs. Certainly major parts will wear and your system will need kiln repair services; however if you use high quality lubricants you will extend the life of all parts and maximize production.

There are numerous choices for solid lubricating bars, graphite lubrication blocks, spray lubrication, and other types of heavy industrial lubes. It's important to understand that there are substantial differences in the types of lubricants available in the marketplace. Buying the wrong type of kiln lubricant can be a very costly mistake. We're here to help you make smart buying decisions, and get the best products at the lowest possible prices.

NAK Kiln Services offers expert lube consulting to help you find the best lubricating product types for your equipment. Our lubricant sales team can process your order quickly and we do ship orders globally. We can take small orders for most kiln lubricants and may be able to offer better pricing for bulk lubricant orders.

Trunnion & Mill Bearing Lubricant Fluid

Anion WS-5300

Kiln Trunnion Bearing Fluid Lubricant.Specially formulated trunnion and mill bearing lubricants can lower maintenance costs. We offer a synthetic bearing lubricant which is designed for high-temperature applications and specifically trunnion and mill bearings.

Our liquid lubricants include anti-oxidants and EP additives that are GUARANTEED to lower operating temperature of bearings. Our fluid lubricants also:

  • - reduce wear on critical components
  • - are chemically and thermally stable
  • - have a high viscosity index
  • - are completely water soluble
  • - are compatible with most common metals

Solid Graphite Lubricating Bars

Anion SlickBar ®

Kiln Trunnion Solid Bar Graphite Lubrication.Composite dry graphite blocks are the recommended trunnion lubrication. We offer very competitive prices for some of the best high temperature kiln lubricants. The specially formulated solid lubricating bars that we offer are a dry graphite composite block that actually reverses the mechanical instabilities that cause heat related problems.

These solid lubricating bars can:

  • - increase graphite deposition
  • - initiate high porosity
  • - lower operating temperatures
  • - lower pressure on bearing thrust mechanism
  • - lower pressure on thrust collars and end caps

Spray Lubricant

Anion SlickSpray ®

Kiln Trunnion Spray Lubrication.Lubricants designed for high temperature applications are essential when your kiln maintains operating temperatures above 600 degrees. Kilns are often plagued by high temperature tire creep which results in movement that greatly elevates the pressure on your kiln's tire stop blocks. This pressure can increase both pressure and temperatures that cause unnecessarily premature wear on tire pads and other parts. Using a high quality spray lubricant can lower the frequency of major maintenance or repairs, thereby minimizing costly down time.

Our kiln spray lubrication product is an exceptional lubricant that has unique inter-molecular attraction properties. What this means for you is that it provides superb adhesion to metals and delivers higher load carrying characteristics than other liquid support pad lubes. This product is extremely easy to use as it can be applied with a small, hand-held sprayer.

Authorized Distributor

Authorized distributor of rotary kiln lubricants manufactured by Anion Performance Chemicals.

We are an authorized distributor of rotary kiln lubricants manufactured by Anion Performance Chemicals