Kiln Pinion Repair

Kiln Pinion and Gearbox Installations

Our rotary kiln pinion services include pinion alignment, reverse and or install new pinion and gears. Our services are available as preventative maintenance or emergency repair services.

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Rotary Kiln Pinion Installation

Kiln gear pinion installation and repair services.The smooth transfer of load from the driving pinion tooth to the following tooth is assured by having two adjacent teeth share the load for a period of time. Tooth "A" carries the load; Tooth "B" is engaged before Tooth "A" disengages. This load overlap requires that the gear set have the proper root clearance. In other words, if the pinion is set too far out of mesh the load overlap will be lost. This condition is very typical.

As part of the pinion alignment procedure, the pitch lines are usually set apart, in anticipation of a decrease in root clearance as the kiln heats up. Counter intuitive as it may seem, the gears actually separate as a result of thermal expansion. As the kiln diameter expands, the 12 o’clock position of the gear moves up however much the diameter increases; the 6 o’clock position of the shell does not change; the shell axis moves up one half the shell diameter increase. Since the gear is centered on the shell axis it is lifted out of mesh when the shell axis elevation increases. When setting the pinion on a gear set, the pitch lines should overlap 1/16". As the kiln heats up the pitch lines will separate via the above thermal mechanism; however the overlap of the gear set will remain adequate.

NAK is one of only a few kiln and dryer constructors and engineers qualified to reverse and or install new pinion and gears.


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