Spring Plate Line Boring

Rotary Kiln Spring Plate Repair

We offer precision line boring of rotary kiln spring plates as maintenance and emergency repair services. We can restore your spring plates to proper tolerances.

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Kiln Spring Plate Line Boring

NAK Kiln Services has the capability to produce special purpose equipment, jigs and fixtures for precise line boring work. These custom items are used for successful line boring services undertaken on spring plates and main gears of rotary kilns.

Kiln spring plates play an important role in the operation of your kiln. The spring plates are attached to the main gear and compensate for the natural contraction and expansion of the shell.

In laymen terms the spring plate acts like a shock absorber system to counter changes that would otherwise cause problems with the shell or the main gear. Line boring of the spring plates assures that they are optimally aligned to perform their intended function.

We have several models of portable line boring machines to address a wide range of repair or modification projects. Whether your need for spring plate line boring is an emergency situation or part of your planned and preventative maintenance efforts we can work with you to get your equipment properly aligned.

Spring plate line boring is a specialty service offered by NAK Kiln Services and is available for any business in the United States. We invite you to contact us to learn more about this and other services we provide for rotary kiln maintenance and repairs.


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