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Hot Kiln Alignments

Allows your kiln to operate with a high degree of mechanical stability. Additionally serves as a preventative maintenance tool which provides critical information needed to plan mechanical repairs years in advance.


A top to bottom inspection of your system to identify weaknesses, problems, and potential problems. Specifically target the present condition of the kiln to determine short and long-term maintenance work, as well as any improvements that will benefit production.

On-Site Troubleshooting

From on-site inspections and assessments to expert field installations we are a top choice for kiln service work. We are staffed to quickly respond to emergency situations or project manage scheduled equipment services.

For 24 hour support, call our emergency hotline at        1-800-331-KILN (5456)

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Hot Kiln Alignment

NAK will provide the most accurate and complete hot kiln alignment in the industry. We provide a thorough inspection of the drive pier, a kiln shell profile and temperature analysis, and a general inspection of all other key mechanical components. We also optimize kiln shell ovality and calculate misalignment of the kiln using a computerized theodolite procedure.

In addition to aligning the kiln axis, we also adjust all support rollers for the proper thrust loads using high capacity hydraulic torque wrenches which makes bearing adjustments faster and more accurate.


NAK provides a comprehensive kiln alignment survey. Specifically, we look at the present condition of your kiln to determine what short-term and long-term maintenance work needs to be completed, and we let you know of any improvements that can be made in order to benefit your production.