Kiln Bearing Replacement

Kiln Trunnion Bearing Replacement

We offer industrial rotary kiln trunnion bearing replacement and repair services in the United States. Our services include field inspections to determine any problematic causes, and turnkey field services completed in a timely manner.

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Kiln Trunnion Bearing Replacement

Trunnion bearing replacement and repair services. A rotary kiln (trunnion) requires periodic replacement of trunnion and mill bearings. Common causes of bearing failure, aside from normal wear over time, are high thrust loads and misalignment issues.

The first step in our process is to get information from your on-site personnel. After a relatively brief discussion we can visit your plant to do a visual inspection to confirm any problems with your bearings, and look for any particular causes of the problems. Our inspection notes will be compiled into a formal report and proposal which includes our suggested corrective actions.

Upon your acceptance of our proposal a NAK project manager will coordinate our work with you. We understand the importance of minimizing down-time, and will work to complete the process as quickly as possible.

Although bearings will naturally wear with use, the wear can be accelerated with inferior maintenance efforts. The useful lifespan of trunnion bearings can be greatly extended by using high quality bearing lubricants. We offer a wide selection of kiln lubricants, including industrial liquid lubricants for trunnion and mill bearings.


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