Covid-19 policy

Our COVID-19 response measures will be communicated to our customers via email. It is the responsibility of the project manager to communicate procedures. The pandemic response measures will be reviewed on an annual basis at a minimum. The procedures will be reviewed on a more frequent basis if further federal guidance is issued regarding the pandemic. A review of procedures will include updates to current procedures based off lessons learns from implementing current procedures and training on illness prevention for all employees.

Each employee has the responsibility to monitor their own health and to not report to work if they have any symptoms defined in CDC guidelines. Impacted employees will communicate any symptoms with their supervisor or office manager. Every employee will have their temperature checked when they report to work. If the employee’s temperature is 100.4F or higher, they will not be allowed to work. Before returning to work, the employee will be required to present a clearance from their doctor. Every employee will attempt to always maintain six feet of separation from others. If separation cannot be maintained between employees due to the nature of the work, CDC approved masks will be utilized by employees. If a customer requires more strict measures, NAK will comply with their measures.

While on a project site, NAK employees will comply with all of the customer’s COVID-19 requirements and instructions. If our procedures are more stringent than the customers, we will follow our own procedures. Interaction with customer employees will be kept to a minimum as much as possible. It is our intention to keep communication with only one point of contact as much as is feasible. All communication will be done to maintain social distance guidelines. Communication through phone, radio, email, or text is preferred to minimize contact. If at any time social distancing measures cannot be maintained, NAK employees will wear appropriate CDC approved respiratory protection. Jobs will be staffed with the minimum number of employees necessary to complete the work while obtaining all safety and quality measures. Every attempt will be made to limit tool and equipment use to one employee to eliminate the potential for cross contamination.

Employees that are working at project sites are expected to follow all federal and state guidelines while they are not at the project site. NAK encourages all employees to social distance and have good hygiene practices while off the project site. If an employee feels ill while working on a project site, the employee will not report to work and will notify his supervisor of any symptoms. Arrangements will be made to ensure that the employee is safely transported home if they cannot return to work. If circumstances do not allow the employee to be safely transported home, they will quarantine as necessary until it is safe to return them home. The testing of employees will be conducted as necessary. If the customer requires COVID-19 testing, arrangements will be made to have the employee tested at the project location.