NAK takes pride in the ability to serve our customer base quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. The company has several fully staffed construction crews that can respond to all of our customers’ needs. Available field services range from complete kiln rebuilds to annual outages to on-site inspections and assessments.


Outage Repairs & Rebuilds

NAK offers on-demand scheduled services for various industries and facilities across the continental United States. Projects vary in size depending upon our customers’ needs. NAK has the capabilities to supply and install new complete kilns, with several of these projects having been completed over the last 5 years. A majority of NAK’s work is performing annual outage work for facilities across the US.

As a collective, the NAK team has the knowledge and means to deliver quality results to our customers. Our field superintendents possess decades of combined knowledge and have the expertise needed to deliver excellent results and keep rotary equipment running at its best.


We can repair or replace rotary tires and the many related components. All service work meets or exceeds OEM standards. Our available services range from on-site inspections and assessments to field installation and calibration.

Grinding & Resurfacing

Wear profiles on the faces of tires and trunnions create conditions that cannot correct themselves. Uneven contact surfaces (concave, convex, or taper) can make it difficult to control the thrust of the kiln, which in turn leads to a slew of other problems.

NAK offers onsite machining and grinding services for tires, rollers, and thrust rollers. Tires can be machined up to a speed of 3.5 rpm tires and 5 rpm for rollers. Our technicians remove the deepest pitting and concave/convex profiles using patented mobile machining and grinding technology.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer fixed pricing for our grinding services.


Elevate your kiln operations with our comprehensive consulting services. We understand the critical role kilns play in industrial processes and offer specialized expertise to optimize their functionality. 


Utilizing advanced technology, we conduct comprehensive 3D shell profile analyses, providing a detailed assessment of kiln structures. This process allows us to identify potential weaknesses, heat distribution issues, and optimize the kiln’s overall performance, extending its lifespan and minimizing downtime.


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